Kim Kardashian Shares Artfully Censored Nude Selfie

Of course, this 'gram begs the question: How often can one break the internet before it remains permanently broken?

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Kim Kardashian greeted the start of the American work week with a quick nude, once again threatening to break the not-easily-broken internet. Pairing the artfully censored (though why is anyone still having to censor stuff like this?) nude with a joke-esque caption, Kim once again proved her unparalleled skills of ‘gramming by providing the perfect example of how to properly flex all over one’s respective timeline:


The 'gram thankfully restores order to the universe after Kim briefly swapped faces with sisterKylie Jenner last week, perplexing the world with a detour through existential crisis via the fitting medium of Snapchat. "I look really good," Kylie told her followers upon switching faces with her sister. "I always wanted to look like you!"

Of course, Kim is no stranger to teasing some internet breakage. Back in August, the mobile game master mocked preposterous fake pregnancy rumors with another (equally nude) bathroom selfie. "I'm grateful to God for this miracle," Kim tweeted surrounding the release of the photo. "No matter what rumors or comments you throw my way this time, they truly don't affect me."

Sadly, all of these would-be displays of proud nudity are annoyingly obscured by Instagram's increasingly lame stance on the presence of nudity. With Chrissy Teigen, Chelsea Handler, Rihanna, and even Eric Andre consistently pushing the app's censorship rules to their breaking point, perhaps a truly free 'gram will eventually become a reality.

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