Money, which isn't actually real but is generally required to subsist in this cruel and unusual existence, remains a source of contention for both those without it and those practically drowning in the stuff. Misguided career advice aside, what's the best job-related path to proper stacks of cash?

The newest edition of the Glassdoor-crafted list of the Best Jobs in America says that data scientists are currently flexing in terms of money and general happiness, Mashable reports. With more than 1,700 current job openings, a data scientist is gifted with a median base salary of "just over" $116,000 which may or may not be a lot of money. Though $116,000 is certainly nothing to scoff at, the largest salary on Glassdoor's list belongs to software development managers with a median base salary of $135,000.

Peep the top ten below, a list decided upon via factors like earning potential and advancement opportunities, then ponder the true value of modern currency before dissolving into a fit of existential angst:

1. Data Scientist

2. Tax Manager

3. Solutions Architect

4. Engagement Manager

5. Mobile Developer

6. HR Manager

7. Physician Assistant

8. Product Manager

9. Software Engineer

10. Audit Manager