Kevin Hart Will Reportedly Play Santa Claus in Fox News' Worst Nightmare

Kevin Hart is hella close to saying yes to playing Santa Claus in 'Dashing Through the Snow.'

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In a move that's sure to have Fox News lemmings stoked as hell, Kevin Hart is reportedly deep in talks to portray Santa Claus in the forthcoming family comedy Dashing Through the Snow. The Disney film will be produced by Will Packer (Ride Along) and John Jacobs (Ted), according to the Hollywood Reporter. The story is based on an original idea from Scott Rosenberg, the same dude who penned the 1997 Nic Cage classic Con Air.

Dashing Through the Snow centers on a detective in New York City with a drinking problem whose fractured relationship with his son is desperately in need of some serious repair. As this is a holiday movie with warmth and happiness and whatnot, the path to repairing their relationship starts and ends with one guy: Santa Claus.

Though no director has been attached to this surefire Disney smash, THR was able to nail down two pretty decent movies as tonal reference points for Dashing Through the Snow. The film will apparently boast laughs of the Liar Liar and Elf variety, which hopefully means it will appeal to both cynics and holiday enthusiasts alike. Rob Burnett (The Fundamentals of Caring) is currently working on a draft.

On the less Xmas-y side of cinema, Hart is also gearing up to team up with Ice Cube one more time for Ride Along 3. In an interview with the Wrap earlier this month, director Tim Story gave an update on the sequel's current status. "I'm waiting to see some pages and we're excited for the idea and what it can be and of course bringing Kevin [Hart] and Ice Cube back together because they are the greatest odd couple in the world," Story said. "I'm impatiently waiting for a script to be given to me. We have some great ideas."

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