The 2024 holiday season just got a whole lot more cinematic.

On Monday, per Variety, the world learned that Jordan Peele’s next project had been given a Dec. 25, 2024 release date from Universal Pictures. Expectedly, no additional information on the film—billed only as Untitled Fourth Film Directed by Jordan Peele—has been publicly announced. On the similarly untitled front, a separate film from Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions has been given a release date of Sept. 27 of that same year.

Peele’s most recent film is last year’s excellent Nope with Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer. Steven Yeun also starred in the UAP-focused entry, which Peele himself said was inspired by Spielberg classics like Close Encounters of the Third and Jurassic Park. While Peele has hinted that the Nope universe could eventually be further explored, it’s not yet clear if his 2024 film has anything to do with such plans.

Complex has reached out to a rep for Peele for comment. This story may be updated. 

Speaking with Karla Rodriguez for Complex last summer, Peele reflected on how the in-person theatrical experience is central to the power of Nope, which practically demands repeat viewings.

“I think people like to watch people watch my movies,” Peele, who also wrote the film, said at the time. “So I think after they have seen it, you like to go and feel that feeling of the audience’s reactions again and there’s also layers baked into it and people can feel that.”

Other films confirmed to be on Universal’s current 2024 slate include a Twister sequel titled Twisters, a feature-length take on the Night Swim short, and more.