Jon Stewart Thanks Donald Trump For Never Letting 'The Daily Show' Run Out of Material

Stewart thanked Trump for, among other things, never allowing him to run out of material.

Though it's baffling to ponder the fact that we once lived in a world where Donald Trump appeared to reign (relatively) supreme, the years of intellectual anguish caused by his perceived dominance in certain circles have finally given way to what might very well become his final plummet into the depths of who-gives-a-f:)ck.

Of course, the existence of a figure like Trump has not been without its merits — particularly within comedy, where Trump's high-art toupée and unabashedly foolish grasp on politics have provided many years of top-shelf mockery. On Thursday's The Daily Show, outgoing host Jon Stewart expressed this sentiment by thanking Trump for promising — through his actions alone — that Stewart "would never be without material again."

Stewart took particular issue with Trump's increasingly alienating remarks on immigration, brilliantly breaking down the recently-dumped-by-NBC mogul's profoundly stupid assessment that nearly all immigrants are rapists. "He’s sure about the rapist part," Stewart tells the audience, "but feels that, I guess, by pure law of averages, there are probably some non rapists caught up in that tide — whether they’re unable to rape for medical reasons or whether they are just all raped out."

Stewart also took aim at the widespread attention given to Trump in the wake of his remarks, particularly his seeming omnipresence via on-air interviews. Speaking on the supposed downfall of Trump, Stewart expressed joy at the thought of his "farce of a candidacy" being finally exposed — only to cut to a recent poll suggesting that Trump has now risen to second place among Republican voters. "Fuck me," says Stewart. Indeed.


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