According to the Wrap, Comedy Central is inviting Jon Stewart's biggest enemies to be on the final episode of The Daily Show

This could mean anyone from Bill O'Reilly to Sarah Palin to Ted Cruz, or any other conservative big-wig who has appeared on the show before, or who Stewart has sparred with in the past. O'Reilly is guaranteed to be a hoot, considering his and Stewart's long, storied relationship as frenemies. From the Wrap:

The segment will reportedly be Stewart’s foes’ chance to turn the tables on him, with bleeped F-bombs flying around. We hear the segment will have a lot of bleeped F-bombs hurled Stewart’s way. Donald Trump has reportedly been asked to appear already.

The good news is Donald Trump's schedule is lookin' pretty open these days, so it shouldn't be a problem for him to make it. 

[via the Wrap]