John Oliver Asks Larry David the One 'Curb' Question That Matters in New Teaser

John Oliver gets interrupted by 'Game of Thrones, 'Silicon Valley,' and the 'Curb' god himself in a new 'Last Week Tonight' teaser.

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John Oliver, for whatever reason, won't be back with his weekly Last Week Tonight investigations until Feb. 12. That's simply a fact. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. However, we can enjoy this fresh 90-second glimpse at the shape of Last Week Tonight to come:

Last Week Tonight, a show you think about so little you didn’t realize it was on hiatus, returns 2/12 at 11 on HBO.

— Last Week Tonight (@LastWeekTonight) January 18, 2017

Despite HBO's claims, Last Week Tonight is most certainly a show I've thought a lot about since it went on an ill-timed hiatus last November. "In 2017, HBO's biggest Sunday night show returns," a voiceover says in this new clip as the camera moves in for a close-up of some obvious Game of Thrones territory. But then our guy John Oliver pops out and, well, that's apparently not what this skilled narrator meant by "biggest." Oliver then breezes through the Silicon Valley set before being interrupted by the curber of all enthusiasms himself, Mr. Larry David.

"I've been busy, okay?" David tells Oliver when grilled about his lengthy Curb Your Enthusiasm hiatus, and it's a question everyone has had on their mind for the last six years. According to David, this status of being busy has included the doing of many nonspecific "things." Just don't expect a changed David when Curb finally returns for its long-awaited ninth season.

Speaking with Complex's own Zach Frydenlund this week, J.B. Smoove confirmed that Larry David is still very Larry David. "You know, I throw around these words all the time to Larry," he said. "Larry is an old white man. I gotta cue him in on certain words and lingos and things that are going on in the world that he may not be aware of. So I have thrown the woke word around him several times. Sometimes he takes it too literally and tries to correct you as opposed to listening and being woke himself. You know how hard it is to tell somebody to be woke and they ain't woke? He's not woke."

So I guess that rules out an appearance from David on the new season of Last Week Tonight.

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