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John Oliver opened the latest slice of Last Week Tonight enlightenment with one final call for voters to use their brains at the polls on Tuesday, noting there's likely not much he can do for anyone who remains undecided. To really drive home the importance of this particular Election Day, Oliver unearthed some semi-vintage Daily Show footage from a much simpler time in which the idea of Clownstick becoming the GOP nominee still seemed remarkably hilarious.

"It's frankly hard to believe that there was a time when people thought a Trump candidacy would be funny," Oliver said somberly. "But there was such a time." After showing a 2013 clip of Oliver essentially daring Clownstick to run for the highest office in the nation, Oliver apologized. "In my defense, I have no defense for that and was hoping to think of one before finishing this sentence which, oh shit, it's over," he said.

Though Oliver is confident the country will ultimately get its shit together and make the right decision on Tuesday, he's still concerned that many simply aren't taking the election seriously enough. "I want to believe that America will reject Donald Trump, that our innate sense of decency will kick in like some sort of moral autopilot," Oliver insisted. "But I have been spectacularly wrong before. As you might remember, eight years ago, I was working as a correspondent for the Daily Show and, well, there's something you should see." Then Oliver hit us with another semi-vintage clip of him declaring that a theoretical Cubs' World Series victory was never going to happen.

Wondering why the hell Election Day falls on a Tuesday? Oliver's got you: