John Oliver Gets to the Bottom of Silly Conspiracy Videos by Making One of His Own

According to Oliver, conspiracy videos on YouTube are just "science fiction for people who don’t know they’re watching science fiction."

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Though John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight army of truth-tellers unfortunately took the week off to honor things like rabbits and chocolate eggs, they at least had the decency to gift us with a web exclusive. If you're the kind of person who immediately thinks the absence of a new episode of Last Week Tonight is clearly indicative of a larger conspiracy, then this web exclusive is most certainly for you. After all, what's the real conspiracy behind all those (generally very silly) conspiracy videos all over YouTube?

According to a clearly frustrated Oliver, these videos are essentially just "science fiction for people who don't understand they're watching science fiction." To better understand their reason for existence, Oliver breaks down the series of feelings one must endure when watching a conspiracy video. Inspired by the ludicrousness, Oliver then decides to hop into the game himself: "I'm going to make my own YouTube conspiracy video."

The subject of Oliver's experimental dive into the limitless world of conspiracy videos? The perplexing infrastructure behind the rise of Cadbury Creme Eggs, of course. "The Cadbury Creme Egg is a terrible candy that tastes like mermaid placenta covered in candle wax," Oliver astutely summarizes, noting that the faux eggs still manage to pop up every January "like newly signed gym memberships." With his usual grace, Oliver then successfully (?) traces these Cadbury edibles to the Illuminati.

Argue amongst yourselves.

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