That deafening silence you've surely noticed pulsating from the depths of late night television isn't just the sound of your brain slowly deteriorating to the point of sheer uselessness, it's the result of an extended John Oliver absence. The guy has been on some sort of frustratingly lengthy sabbatical for the past few months, meaning the nation has been severely lacking in the truth delivery department, but the glorious return of Last Week Tonight is now (thankfully) just days away.

To celebrate his imminent return, Oliver stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to tell a pair of wonderfully complementary tales. "You know, you meet someone amazing and they can be disappointing," Oliver started, detailing his wife Kate Norley's brilliant airport encounter with LL Cool J. "LL Cool J is not that. That is an amazing human being." Norley, according to Oliver, spotted LL at LaGuardia Airport and proceeded to introduce herself by rapping LeShaun's verse from LL's 1995 single "Doin' It." Instead of quickly vacating the area and leaving her to finish the song alone, LL decided to join in and finish the entire song with Norley while waiting at baggage claim.

Legend, obviously.

Thankfully, Oliver came armed with two legendary stories, including an equally fascinating explanation as to how exactly he landed that internet-breaking interview with Edward Snowden:

The return of Last Week Tonight can't come soon enough.