Issa Rae Reveals 'Insecure' Season 2 Premiere Date, Promises 'Doper Than Ever' New Episodes

Issa Rae's critically acclaimed comedy 'Insecure' returns this summer.

HBO, arguably the only network that matters, announced the premiere date for Insecure's eight-episode sophomore season Tuesday. Issa Rae's critically acclaimed comedy will return Sunday, July 23. In a tweeted video Tuesday morning, Rae answered a few pressing fan questions regarding new episodes.

"The first question: Is Issa still single?" Rae said. "No comment. Is Molly still single? No comment. Is Lawrence still fine? Yeah, duh. I'll comment on that all day. He's fine." The new season, of which Rae recommended we inform both our friends and our enemies, promises to double down on everything fans loved about its inaugural run. "We're coming back happier, stronger, better, doper than ever," Rae said.

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Speaking withEntertainment Weekly last November about the first season finale's Twitter-shocking turn of events, Rae said we haven't seen the last of Lawrence (Jay Ellis). "I think this next season will see her start to ask more introspective questions," Rae said of her character's journey. "I think the break-up will hit both Lawrence and Issa pretty hard and I think break-ups are rarely ever clean, especially for couples who lived together. So we know that Lawrence won't be completely out of her life forever.  We're also really excited to develop what Issa and Molly possibly being single together looks like."

HBO also announced the return of creator Stephen Levinson's Ballers, starring Dwayne Johnson and Rob Corddry:

Insecure and Ballers both return to HBO July 23.

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