'Hot Ones: The Game Show' Promises 'So Much More Pain' Ahead of Season Finale

At this point, we should all just be taking shots of hot sauce at home while watching the truTV x First We Feast series.

Hot Ones

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Hot Ones

There's plenty of pain to go around in the season finale of Hot Ones: The Game Show.

Tuesday night, the game show edition of the First We Feast hit hosted by Sean Evans will air the final episode of its inaugural season on truTV:

As hot sauce enthusiasts already know, the viral web series made its successful leap to the game show stage back in February as a half-hour series that saw contestants being welcomed each week for a showdown inside the Pepperdome. Up for grabs for brave winners, of course, is a solid $25,000.

Also on Tuesday, the OG Hot Ones landed among the 2020 class of Webby nominees. The original web series is up for a potential victory in the Video: Food & Drink category, with an honorable mention earned in the Video: Viral category.

Recent highlights from the web series include Justin Timberlake discussing the FCC woes of "Dick in a Box," Chance the Rapper naming Shia LaBeouf one of the best freestylists of all time, and more.

Earlier this month, Sean Evans dropped in on the Tonight Show proceedings for a special social distancing-adapted take on the Hot Ones methodology with Jimmy Fallon and Alex Rodriguez:

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