Hot Ones, the finest of talk shows that revolve around the pairing of vulnerability and hot sauce, is getting the game show treatment with some help from truTV.

Indeed, Hot Ones: The Game Show is set to premiere on Feb. 18 as a half-hour series, complete with OG Hot Ones host Sean Evans. Fans will be welcomed each week into the "Pepperdome" to square off against each other by way of trivia questions and hot sauce consumption. The potential prize? $25,000. 

Contestants are divided into two teams each week, then televised while making their way through three rounds of trivia-meets-saucery. In the event of any sauce-related lostness, EMTs are standing by. For the closer, the team with the most money at the end of the third round is then introduced to the Ring of Fire.

Ahead of the game show's debut, the Hot Ones YouTube series returns via First We Feast on Feb. 6. Highlights from Season 10 included Chance the Rapper declaring Shia LaBeouf one of the best freestylists of all time, DaBaby sharing the story behind his viral IG pic with a math teacher, and the birth of the Paul Rudd "look at us" meme. Fittingly, the series has bagged multiple Streamy and Webby awards in recent years.