Guy Lands Greatest First Date in History by Taking Imaginary Snapchat Girl to 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'

Love is real. The people? Not so much.

Image via nemoe

As if being alive wasn’t complicated enough, people also feel compelled to engage in a bizarre pastime known as “dating.” For reasons not entirely clear, people willingly subject themselves to a glorified interview process that may or may not end in some form of prolonged interaction. Sadly, it would appear everyone has forgotten the profound lessons of MTV’s psychological classic Next.

Everyone, it seems, except a Daily Dot-discovered Imgur user known only as nemoe:

When real people fail you, why not invent someone? That's exactly what this guy did, though his decision to dine at Wendy's for a romantic outing is baffling. Some Star Wars education happens. Some tears happen. Some indigestion (presumably) happens.

Sadly, this individual also makes a low-key cameo:

Love is real. It's the people you have to worry about.

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