Two Famous Friends Are Rumored to Be Dating

Are Chandler and Monica dating IRL?

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The celebrity rumor mill has churned out some pretty unlikely dating rumors in the past, but this one might be the first that we're really hoping is true. According to Star magazine, a source close to Courteney Cox said she's on the rebound from her split with fiancée, Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, with none other than Friends co-star and on-screen beau Matthew Perry.

"It's no surprise that Matthew was one of the first people Courteney called when she ended the engagement," an unnamed source told Star. "They've leaned on each other before, during her infertility struggle and his battle with addiction. There isn't any pressure to put a label on it yet, but they're excited to see where this might go."

Are the rumors true? Who knows. PopSugar pointed out that a photo that might've sparked dating rumors—one in which Perry is peering dreamily into Cox's eyes as they sit across a table from each other—is actually a shot from 2005. So there's one rumor shot down, but no one seems to know whether info from the "inside source" is valid.

If Cox and Perry really are hooking up, least they don't have to, uh, "do laundry" behind the backs of their beloved pals Rachel, Joey, Ross, and Phoebe. Celebrity gods, if you're there, please please let Monica and Chandler be dating IRL. 

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