Gigantic Devil Rat Discovered in Germany, Apocalypse Draws Near

This is how it ends.

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Just when the esteemed Pizza Rat had everyone nearly convinced of the possible virtue and good will of the general rat community, an absolute behemoth of a rat shows up in Germany and scares the living hell out of the entire planet before apparently suffering a quick and painful death:

Assuming the majority of the internet's best estimates are true, the photo hasn't been doctored in any way, which is great news for anyone who actually hoped a rat this fucking huge would exist and terrible news for everyone else. As compellingly noted by the aforementioned esteemed literary journal the Mirror, this monster rat discovery comes just one day after a charity revealed plans to train giant rats to detect landmines in parts of Africa.

Look. It's simple: Rats are slowly but surely taking over the world. What more proof do we need than this? They tricked us into liking them with the confirmed classicRatatouille and that whole Pizza Rat thing, then devastated us by showing off one of their most terrifying creations yet.

That's cold, rats.

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