Exclusive: Donald Glover's 'Atlanta' Takes a Bite Out of Georgia in First Poster

Peep this exclusive poster for Donald Glover's 'Atlanta,' premiering on FX in September.

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Donald Glover's highly anticipated FX series Atlanta, which has slowly but surely been revealing itself across social media in recent weeks, will finally arrive to presumably reinvent television in September. Until then, we have things like Tame Impala-fueled teasers and exclusive poster reveals to keep us company. Wait. Exclusive poster reveals?!? You got it:

Yes. Those are peaches, as in the same savory snack that officially became Georgia's state fruit way back in 1995. The series, created by and starring Glover, follows two cousins through the Atlanta music scene as they carve out better lives for themselves and their families. Glover also serves as executive producer alongside Paul Simms (The Larry Sanders Show, Girls) and Dianne McGunigle (Cop Car).

Glover stars as Earnest "Earn" Marks, an "artistic loner" who returns to Atlanta under the dark cloud of failure. His cousin, Alfred Miles, is a promising young artist with a ton of potential. Sensing a chance to capture the success that once eluded, Earn becomes Alfred's manager.

Hiro Murai is set to direct some (if not all) of the episodes, a name you should definitely recognize from prior affirmations of dopeness such as this:

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Murai has previously helmed visuals for Chet Faker, Earl Sweatshirt, and (of course) Childish Gambino. So don't sweat. Atlanta is clearly in good hands.

Thursday also saw the release of a brand new Atlanta promo clip, this one titled "Porch." Any guesses why? 

Atlanta premieres Sept. 6 on FX. Plan accordingly.

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