Donald Glover, a master of the social media disappearing act, has seemingly carried that vibe of mystery into the lead-up to his forthcoming FX original series Atlanta. Though the network sneakily debuted a brief Atlanta promo clip during the finale of its most recent blockbuster, the phenomenal American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, these two fresh teasers are the most we've seen of Glover's magnum opus so far. The good news? Atlanta (finally) premieres Sept. 6 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

"I just always wanted to make Twin Peaks with rappers," Glover told the Television Critics Association audience back in January, according to Vulture. Judging by this early, Tame Impala-assisted first look, Glover wasn't joking. The clip definitely seems like something that would make Twin Peaks co-creator David Lynch very, very happy.

The teaser also seems to make a slight nod at the classic 1995 video for The Pharcyde's "Drop," directed by Being John Malkovich helmer Spike Jonze:

Atlanta, created by Glover, features the former Community star as Earnest "Earn" Marks, described as an "artistic loner" currently coming to terms with his return to the city after a failed attempt at moving away. Hiro Murai is set to direct, which bodes well for all of us considering he's the same auteur behind instaclassic videos from Flying Lotus, Chet Faker, and Glover's Childish Gambino short "Clapping for the Wrong Reasons."

While Glover's character is already busy due to a complicated relationship with Van, played by Zazie Beetz, he sees promise in the burgeoning music career of his cousin Alfred Miles, played by Brian Tyree Henry. Sensing a new opportunity, Earn quickly becomes Alfred's manager. Atlanta also stars Lakeith Lee Stanfield and is executive produced Dianne McGunigle, Paul Simms (Girls), and Glover himself.

"Television shows are like novels," Glover said in January. "You just got to invest in them."

Consider us invested.