Here's Everything You Need to Know About Electronic Arts' 'Star Wars Battlefront' Reboot

EA is stepping up with their own take on the George Lucas universe.

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With J.J. Abrams' Star WarsdebutThe Force Awakens understandably being less than generous with the spotlight, you'd be forgiven for being caught off guard by the fact that Electronic Arts' much-discussedBattlefront reboot hits shelves next month. Though the multi-platform video game franchise hit a few obstacles in the middle of that massive Disney buyout, EA has taken great care to deliver a worthy follow-up more than a decade after the original LucasArts game debuted during the era of PlayStation 2 and similar consoles.

As the game's title makes quite clear, EA has wisely chosen to forego the traditional sequel route in favor of what is essentially a reboot of the franchise. As noted in Gameranx's extensive breakdown of the new Battlefront's most important changes, some of the game's growing pains may prove a bit difficult to overcome for veterans of the series. At the top of that list of obstacles is an apparent lack of space battles, though the developers' overhaul of campaign options is just as baffling.

Thankfully, if we're to take Gameranx at their word, the game is gorgeous enough to shift these apparent weaknesses into nothing more than small parts of a larger acquired taste. However, until we get the Kim Kardashian: Hollywood x Star Wars Battlefront crossover we so surely deserve, then what's it all for?

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