Tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens went on sale yesterday following the premiere of the film’s third trailer (Yes, it’s already been analyzed by our Star Wars experts) and it single-handedly force choked movie ticket sites, slowing down sites with heavy traffic, and in some cases, crashing sites. Basically it looked like a Supreme drop. For those who didn’t have the force on their side and couldn’t get tickets, resellers are scalping tickets on eBay for outrageous prices—including the thousands. The desperation is real. 

People wanting to get their hands on early screening tickets for Dec. 17, instead of Dec.18, eBay has got you covered: Take the tickets for an IMAX showing on Dec. 17 in Fort Lauderdale going for $45 each, one of the cheaper resells. If you wanna get fancy, there’s a $10,000 offer you can’t refuse in North Canton, Ohio for two tickets of a 3D (can't splurge for IMAX, huh?) showing with full VIP treatment, which for an out-of-towner includes a limo ride from the airport (airfare not paid for) to the hotel, paid for one night, and a luxurious limo ride to and from the theater. 

How can you say no?! 

[via Vulture]