What the Hell Is This 'Dundee' Teaser Starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth?

No one seems to know if this is even a teaser for a real movie.

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Though you likely haven't heard a damn thing about it until today, there's apparently some sort of Crocodile Dundee revival slithering onto screens in a few months.

Peopledropped an exclusive teaser for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home on Monday. The film, described by People as a "mysterious project," stars Chris Hemsworth as Wally Jr. and Danny McBride as Dundee. 

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Hemsworth said Monday that he and McBride are "good mates" who have crossed paths in Los Angeles a few times, resulting in their eventual Dundee collab. "The comedic element [McBride] brings to the shoot is a huge advantage to the project and a lot of fun on-set," he said.

The official synopsis for the new Dundee alleges that Crocodile Dundee "is back," or more accurately, he's missing and will presumably be "back" by the end of the film. McBride's character is apparently the "loudmouthed American son" who just might be the 1986 Dundee's only chance at being found. A release date for the comedy, which arrives a full 32 years after the Paul Hogan–starring original, has not been announced.

Reaction to the new teaser has already sparked debate, with the Guardian's Luke Buckmaster reminding prospective viewers that the original was "sexist, racist, and homophobic" and should not be emulated:

These are cynical, opportunistic films, dripping with contempt for their audience. From this point of view, there is one thing the new 'trailer' gets absolutely right: it encapsulates the franchise’s shameless stereotype-mongering and disdainful attitude towards viewers.

At this point, however, we're not even entirely certain this is even a real movie. What if it's merely an over-hyped slice of Super Bowl garbage?

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