Donald Trump Trumps Himself Once Again With Another Nazi-Related Tweet

Donald Trump is not great at Twitter.

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Remember that time reality TV star Donald Trump bizarrely tweeted a photo of Nazi soldiers? That was pretty crazy, right? If you assumed Trump would promptly learn a seemingly obvious lesson from that faux pas and always double-check his abysmal tweets for any Nazi imagery before sharing, then you're sadly mistaken:

The tweet, which was reportedly posted on Tuesday and deleted early Wednesday morning, features a Nazi swastika next to a photo of fellow Republican hopeful Jeb Bush. According to the New York Daily News, the 15-image montage also featured racist imagery involving Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and additional photographic jabs at Bush including a Photoshopped image of the struggling candidate in a sombrero. The tweet, which NBC News confirms was originally tweeted by a Trump supporter, was retweeted in Trump’s usual fashion: i.e. with quotations and a lack of awareness.

According to a statement from Trump's campaign obtained by NBC News, Trump hadn't noticed the accompanying imagery when he shared the tweet "like hundreds of others," which almost seems to imply that Trump simply retweets shit without bothering to actually look at it. Just days before Trump's Saturday Night Livehosting duties, we're off to a tremendous start.

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