Social Media Posts Have Desus and Mero Fans Concerned About Duo’s Future Together (UPDATE)

The long-running duo's 'Bodega Boys' podcast—as well as, by extension, their multifaceted working relationship—is at the center of some serious speculation.

Desus and Mero walk the red carpet

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Desus and Mero walk the red carpet

UPDATED 7/18, 8:15 p.m. ET: A rep for Showtime has confirmed that Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have decided to part ways in pursuit of “separate creative endeavors,” subsequently ending their late-night show after four seasons. 

“Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward,” the statement reads. “SHOWTIME’s late-night talk show DESUS & MERO will not be returning for a fifth season. Its final episode aired Thursday, June 23.”

Head here to learn more. 

See the original post below. 

All good great things come to an end, even—potentially, at least—Bodega Boys.

Across all sectors of social media in recent weeks, various fans of the long-running comedy duo Desus and Mero—whose empire of hits also includes the former Desus vs. Mero series, the Viceland talk show Desus & Mero, and (most recently) a Showtime iteration of the latter—have been speculating about the current status of the two’s working relationship for some time now.

The speculation was kicked up a few notches in June and July thanks to some choice Reddit and Twitter activity, namely a remark credited to the Kid Mero over on the r/bodegaboys subreddit and an eventual tweeted response from Desus Nice, who will soon guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live!solo.

‘NAH ITS A WRAP BRODY, SOMEBODY MENTIONED DUDE TWEETING THAT FROM SOME COUNTRY AT LIKE 3AM.. I TOURED W DUDE FOR YEARS HE WAS FUBAR AND IN HIS BAG. PODCAST DONE ENJOY THE BACK CATALOG MY PALS,” user THE_KID_MERO wrote in response to a speculative comment about the future of the Bodega Boys pod earlier this month. The most recent episode, their 253rd, was released last November.

In another comment, the same account suggested fans can expect more than just Mero Mondaze in the future, noting what’s next will be “LIKE SORBET ON THE HIVE PALATE.”

A fan took the liberty of sharing a screenshot of the full “PODCAST DONE” remark in response to a Desus tweet from June in which he spoke directly to the collective “bodegahive” and promised to bring back the art.

“[T]he hive deserved better than this ending. Reddit can slander my name but when the truth comes out…..actually just wait,” Desus said last Friday. He also responded to a fan’s screenshot of the “nah it’s a wrap brody” post by saying, “I tried y’all.”

— The Black Don Draper (@DisaronnoSour) July 13, 2022

the hive deserved better than this ending. Reddit can slander my name but when the truth comes out…..actually just wait.

— Desus MFing Nice💯 (@desusnice) July 15, 2022

Early Monday he seemingly weighed in again, writing, “Twitter comes for everyone eventually.”

Twitter comes for everyone eventually

— Desus MFing Nice💯 (@desusnice) July 18, 2022

Showtime’s Desus & Mero series—which launched in 2019—released its latest episode in June with special guest Derek Jeter. Both Desus and Mero (the latter of whom recently made a solo appearance on Full Size Run) also recently attended an MLB celebrity all-star game, though certain aspects of their participation in the event only further fueled rumors surrounding their working relationship.

@SHODesusAndMero arrived for Celeb Softball Game Blue Carpet
(🎥 @MLBbrodotcom / @NickHamilton213)

— Nick Hamilton (@NickHamilton213) July 16, 2022

It’s also worth re-mentioning here that the comments currently receiving the bulk of the attention in recent days center solely on the podcast itself, not the Showtime series or other facets of the extended D&M cinematic universe. The assumption among some fans, however, is that the potential end of the podcast could (eventually) spell trouble for other team-ups.

As for what’s publicly known about the fate of the duo’s Showtime talk show, currently on a scheduled midseason break, that’s not clear. However, the series most recently shared an exclusive-to-YouTube extended interview with Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller.

View this video on YouTube

In the meantime, the full Bodega Boys catalog is available here and/or via your preferred podcast platform. As for the speculation, see a sampling below of how that’s been shaping up as of late, with (possibly premature) tears being shed.

when ppl are like “i don’t believe in love anymore” after a celebrity breakup i always call them dramatic but this desus and mero shit rlly got me clutching my chest and sliding down the walls

— sk (@kirkxxs) July 18, 2022

“sir, they’re saying Desus & Mero got beef”

— Lucas Kaplan (@LucasKaplan_) July 18, 2022

If Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez can get back together then so can Desus & Mero

— mehhh (@mlehhhhh) July 18, 2022

Wait——I’m late—-why is everyone asking me “is this a coincidence you’re putting up the Desus/Mero ep? Been onstage for the last 5 hours what’s goin on?!

— ?st (@questlove) July 18, 2022

Desus & Mero breaking up, proves that the only thing that’s real is J. Cole going triple platinum with no features.

— NUFF (@nuffsaidny) July 18, 2022

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— SHOWTIME SUPPORT (@sho_help) July 18, 2022

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