'Curb' Producer on Possibility of Tackling COVID-19: 'Larry Has Been Practicing Social Distancing His Whole Life'

'Curb' just wrapped its tenth season over the weekend, complete with burning Purell.


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Assuming you're not some sort of relentless self-sadist, chances are you're all caught up on Curb Your Enthusiasm, which just wrapped its tenth season by closing out on a somber note of spite for fire engine-blocking Larry David.

And while the ongoing COVID-19 situation has ensnared the entertainment industry at large in its containment efforts, that hasn't even remotely stopped prescient Curb fans from looking ahead to what a theoretical exploration of the social implications of the novel coronavirus might look like within the HBO-housed world of LD and company.

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Jeff Schaffer addressed this, as well as the current mood regarding a likely but not full-blown-confirmed season 11. 

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"Everyone is asking, 'What would Larry do? What would a season of Curb be like in the time of coronavirus?'" Schaffer said when asked how "TV Larry" might handle the virus. "It's always tricky for us because you don't want to lock yourself into a time that is hopefully very specific and hopefully distinct, and with an end. If you get too specific with the moment in time, it may not be timeless and the context might be so different from when you come out that it may just seem like a time capsule."

Schaffer added that it's important to be cautious about writing for a specific moment, given that the resulting episodes may not air for another year or more after they're written. 

"But, like I said, Larry has been practicing social distancing his whole life, so some of the stuff is just innate to him," Schaffer said. "He has been trying to teach people how to behave that way for years. Maybe now people would finally listen."

As for the future of Curb, Schaffer explained that he and David are currently working remotely, though nothing is etched in stone regarding a new season.

"I guess I would officially say that we're flirting with another season, but it's too early to tell if the feelings are requited," Schaffer said.

For fans, however, it's clear that the general consensus is fuck yes we want more from the original social distancing icon.

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