Chrissy Teigen Brilliantly Tweets Her Way Through Bizarre LAX-to-LAX Flight F*ckery

These days, flying isn't even fun when you're in first class.

This is a picture of Chrissy Teigen.
Image via Paul Morigi/Getty Images
This is a picture of Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen tweeted her way through a grievous eight-hour flight from Los Angeles to Los Angeles Tuesday. No, that's not a typo.

Apparently, an unidentified passenger discovered they were on the wrong flight four full hours into the plane's journey to its intended final destination of Tokyo. Instead of simply inconveniencing the lone dolt on the said flight, All Nippon Airways chose to inconvenience every single person on board by turning around and returning to LAX.

a flying first for me: 4 hours into an 11 hour flight and we are turning around because we have a passenger who isn’t supposed to be on this plane. Why...why do we all gotta go back, I do not know
So many questions and I have no answers. Either do they. This person must be mortified though
Lmao after all this I will have spent 8 hours on a flight to nowhere. Like we were all just havin a great time up here flyin in the sky watching gran torino time to go home now
This person is so lucky that we will all have to deplane. Imagine having to walk off alone. The shame!
I don’t know why I’m not more upset about this. The pleasure I get out of the story is worth more to me than a direct flight to Tokyo
I won’t be able to sleep until I know how this person figured out they were on the wrong flight. That’s all I ask. 150 people have been majorly inconvenienced, please, just tell me

"Why did we all get punished for this one person’s mistake?" Teigen, who was on the Tokyo-bound flight with husband John "Jesus Christ" Legend, later tweeted. "Why not just land in Tokyo and send the other person back? How is this the better idea, you ask? We all have the same questions."


Read the first of Teigen's account below, which amazingly managed to include a fitting Spring Breakers reference:

They keep saying the person had a United ticket. We are on ANA. So basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere
LAX —> LAX flight complete. Flight time, 8 hours and 20 minutes.
ANA boarding pass machines
There is a 20 minute interview before we can get off the plane!! This is my dream. Police! Talk to me talk to me
they put our plane in a secure area. We can’t be near the common folk :(
Still on the plane. Starting to get a james franco in spring breakers would say... spicious
ok I’m officially ready to say something is up
Police were interviewing all the people seated around the mystery person once we got off the plane. Why would they do this! I MUST KNOW MORE
no one will spill anything :( I wish I had more for you guys. I wish I could be your snowden
*quits whatever my job is to devote my life to this likely very simple mistake*
I have been moved to a room with Bravo. Clearly the authorities are trying to keep me quiet so I don’t BLOW THE LID OFF THIS “SITCH”
Sorry the video broke up. Clearly the feds are trying to silence me
Was just informed that this exact scenario was what I made everyone do for my pan am birthday m
I’m in a room with water and a tv! The government is using real housewives to keep me quiet !!!!!!
Yeah it’s a lounge but I like to call it a room for drama’s sake
They....they gave me ramen
We live here now. This is our new life
I just woke up. Still here!
No one will answer my questions. I told them I won’t tell anybody but I think they know what’s happening here on the Twitter
Getting on another flight now oh bless
Drinking Chrissy would be very mad. Sober Chrissy is forgiving and patient
Yoda is in a seat and they’re playing Star Wars music
Taking off!!! Please don’t be the same menu please don’t be the same menu

In a fairly vague statement to CNN, an ANA spokesperson said the seemingly bizarre decision to inconvenience 225 passengers who were definitely on the right plane due to the mistake of one person was part of their "security" nonsense. "The cabin crew notified the pilot that one of the passengers boarded the incorrect flight, and the pilot in command made the decision to return to the originating airport," the spokesperson said. "We take great pride providing exemplary customer service, and on this flight we failed to do so." No shit.

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