Today is a good day, because today is the day I get to type "finger lookin' head ass" in an article. Finally. Chrissy Teigen, known to shut down a trollish tweet from time to time, released another classic this week after a "professional rodeo announcer" made a peculiar remark about "class."

After Teigen tweeted her adoration for Melania Trump's apparent refusal to hold or otherwise acknowledge her husband's embarrassingly small hands, the individual in question responded with this:

Teigen promptly responded, noting that the individual resembles a thumb:


Previous finger lookin' head asses have met similar fates. Back in March, Teigen responded to someone who tried to asterisk-censor their tweet by throwing their own joke back in their face:

Teigen's greatest Twitter moment, however, is arguably that time she called out Fox News for being so goddamn Fox News-y:

Fox News' new slogan should be:

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