Bad Bunny Talks ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Role, Says He Watched His WrestleMania 'Every Night' for Whole Month Before Bed

Bad Bunny is not only musically prolific, but he's also prolific in checking off career firsts, including making his acting debut and fighting in WrestleMania.

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This Friday, the third (and final) season of Narcos: Mexico hits Netflix, complete with the addition of Bad Bunny as Narco Juniors member Kitty Páez.

Joining Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday’s Tonight Show to play a clip from the series, Bunny—who last year released two blockbuster albums—spoke on the differences between performing in a musical capacity and getting into his acting bag.

“It’s different but at the same time it’s the same, you know,” he said in the video up top. “You have to work hard, to be responsible, and respect [your] colleagues. I enjoy it. It’s something new for me but I like it and I enjoy it. I’m learning, I’m practicing. I keep practicing, you know.”

Bunny noted that he was approached about joining the series, then gave viewers a brief overview of how Kitty fits into the story of the final batch of Narcos: Mexico episodes. Asked whether there was any difficulty in playing a character so unlike himself, Bunny pointed out one overlap.

“I’m a good guy but it was fun,” he told Fallon. “The character is, like, a cool guy, a young guy. I’m a cool guy. I think so anyway.”

Elsewhere, Fallon got Bunny to look back on another career first that he recently checked off the proverbial list: making his WWE WrestleMania debut. Bunny’s involvement was met with enthusiastic support from fans and newcomers alike, as evidenced here. Wrestling stars Triple H and The Undertaker also shared notable words of praise following Bunny’s debut.

Telling Fallon on Wednesday that he’s been a fan since he was a child, Bunny reflected on how important the WrestleMania moment was for him.

“I’ve always been, since I was a kid, a wrestling fan,” he said. “That was a dream come. I can’t believe it, still.” After pointing out that he spent about three months training for his wrestling debut, Bunny confirmed that he did indeed watch footage of the results over and over again for a month straight.

“After WrestleMania, I watched—the whole month, every night before I go to bed—it was the fight. … Every night, every night,” Bunny said.

The Grammy-winning artist also teased his upcoming tour plans, as well as fielded questions from Fallon about when to expect a new album. See more below.

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