Chill Seattle Dog Regularly Rides Bus Alone to Dog Park, Proving Once Again That Dogs Are Cooler Than Cats

Dogs > Cats.

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Dogs, with or without a blog, are the best. Cats may have invented Tumblr (or whatever), but their whole vibe of "leave me alone I'm listening to The Smiths" isn't always the most inviting of demeanors. Also, cats have absolutely no idea how to use public transit. Dogs, on the other hand, have already mastered this mode of transportation just like they've mastered so many others:

Eclipse, a perpetually chill black Labrador mix, has remained a regular presence on Seattle’s D-Line after she apparently learned how to ride the bus alone to her preferred dog park. "All the bus drivers know her," fellow passenger Tiona Rainwater told Seattle’s KOMO-TV. "She makes everybody happy. How could you not love this thing?" Not that you were asking me, specifically, but: being a cat. Being a cat would inspire you not to love this thing. After all, cats are still jealous of this:

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Eclipse’s owner, Jeff Young, says he lives near the stop and that his intellectually gifted pet simply hops on the bus without him whenever he takes too long smoking a cigarette death stick. "I catch up with her at the dog park," Young told KOMO-TV. According to the Huffington Post, Metro Transit authorities are cool with the fact that a dog "can appreciate public transit," but they insist that Eclipse should "really be on a leash." Interesting. That kind of sounds like something a cat would want you to say. Begin your conspiracy theories now, internet.

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