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Before we begin, this needs to be said: RIP Tilly. Tillman, the famous skateboarding bulldog with a penchant for all sorts of thrill-seeking adventures, passed away last month after being diagnosed with a heart muscle disease. However, the spirit of the legendary Tilly is clearly alive and well in the skateboarding bulldog community, as evidenced by the world-smashing clip above.

Otto, with an expression of general chill on his face, has broken the Guinness World Record for "skateboarding through the longest human tunnel" in Peru, according to BBC News. As noted in a statement from Guinness, Otto's owners were actually first inspired to let their beloved pet give the skate life a try after they saw Tilly's famous viral videos.

Skateboarding dogs are absolutely killing it right now. Nine-year-old sword fighters are absolutely killing it right now. Even rats are having a pretty good year. What's the deal, humans?