'American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson' Is Officially the Most-Watched New Show of 2016

Just more proof the Schwimmerssance is indeed upon us.

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Though it's easy to forget when you're caught up with the artful joy that is the Schwimmerssance, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson has indeed come to its inevitable end. The final ratings for the series' 10-episode run are in, showing that FX has plenty of reasons to celebrate while the rest of us wait for more news on the next incarnation of American Crime Story. Also, small spoiler alert: Flavor Flav owns the real version of that O.J. Simpson statue.

The critically applauded series is officially the most-watched new series of 2016, a distinction which also makes The People v. O.J. Simpson the most-watched new show in the network's history. John Travolta's impeccable eyebrows, among many (so many) other items of brilliance, helped the smash hit garner a 12.6 million viewer average across both linear and non-linear platforms. 

When removing the "new series" filter, the Nielsen figures have ACS standing at No. 2 in all demographics and total viewers among other cable series. The only series standing in its way? The seemingly unstoppable The Walking Dead. When diving into the demo concerned with adults 18-34, the series currently rests at No. 6 for the year and could leap ahead with additional non-linear (streaming, etc.) views in the months ahead.

"Our position with the show was, we were interested in telling you things you didn't know," executive producer Ryan Murphy told Varietyback in February. "We all know that case has been such a part of the culture and has been for so long." According to Murphy, the entire ACS team took great care to conquer the challenge of recreating the most famous trial in American history. "I wanted to make sure we did our best with being true to history," Murphy insisted. "I was nervous about the historical accuracy, but I think we got it right." Indeed. Also, as it always bears repeating, thanks again for initiating the Schwimmerssance.

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