As the enormous success of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson has shown, the world is still fascinated by the O.J. Simpson trial. Those directly involved in the real-life proceedings, including Robert Kardashian's kids, have expressed everything from admiration to outright disapproval of the hit FX series' treatment of its source material. For those who missed the original 1995 trial, Esquire's cable channel division is bringing it back to TV.

The murder case will be condensed into a 12-hour marathon special airing April 3, Variety first reported. Simply dubbed The Real O.J. Simpson Trial, the special will pull from archival footage of the trial to include everything from opening statements in 1994 to the ultrafamous glove test (see above). As noted in the Hollywood Reporter's extensive breakdown of the special, FX's American Crime Story finale will air just days later on April 5.

So just how deeply has American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson honored its source material? We've been breaking down each week's episode, including this week's fascinating entry centered on what it was really like to be a juror on the most famous murder trial in American history. The trial received even more renewed attention earlier this year when, in a seemingly improbable turn of events, a buried knife was discovered at Simpson's former home. Though speculation ran high following the discovery, TMZ reports that DNA testing of the knife ultimately found no matches.

"I know it's a phenomenal miniseries," Khloé Kardashian told James Corden in February, admitting she’s only seen "bits and pieces" of the FX series but that her sister Kim was a big fan. "They’ve done a great job. I really appreciate the way they've portrayed my father." However, at least according to Khloé, that doesn't mean the series has nailed every aspect of the era: "Not all the facts are accurate," she told Corden, adding that the series is probably "sensationalizing the Kardashian name" to land younger viewers.