Alec Baldwin to Return to 'Saturday Night Live' as the New Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin is heading back to 'Saturday Night Live,' this time as GOP nominee Donald Trump.

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Saturday Night Live returns this weekend with host Margot Robbie and musical guest The Weeknd, just days after the nation was presented with the first presidential debate of the season. Kate McKinnon will once again be playing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but who the hell is going to embody the complicated infrastructure of Donald Trump's alleged soul this year? The answer, we are happy to say, is not Jimmy Fallon. Instead, please welcome SNL frequenter Alec Baldwin to the proceedings.

Baldwin was revealed Wednesday as the new Trump in a brief SNL promo clip showing the sketch versions of each candidate prepping for a showdown, a fictionalized face-off that now faces the very difficult task of somehow seeming more ridiculous than the real thing. For everyone still fuming about the actual Donald Trump's appearance on a very shitty episode last year, there's small comfort here in the fact that Baldwin is very much not a fan of the Republican nominee. In fact, Baldwin's not exactly fond of either party's choices as of late.

"The biggest tragedy right now in this country is none of these people talk about peace," Baldwin said when hosting last year's Clio Awards ceremony, Peoplereported. "Peace is a quaint idea. They are all bullshit, war-mongering—Hillary, Trump, every one of them, every single person, Democrat or Republican—you never hear them talk about peace."

Will The Lorne Michaels Factory somehow find a way to weave in a quick pop-in from recent Curb Your Enthusiasm reviver Larry David as Bernie Sanders? Find out Saturday.

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