Alec Baldwin is finally coming back to scripted TV to play the only New Yorker more powerful than 30 Rock's Jack Donaghy: the mayor.

Deadline reports that Baldwin will play a billionaire socialite who unexpectedly becomes mayor of New York in an hour-long drama series coming to HBO. 

Baldwin told the website that he was attached to the project years ago, but ending up taking the role on 30 Rock instead. 

 It will be an hour drama that explores celebrity and the political landscape in New York City, dark but not as pitch black as House Of Cards. The way it was put to me is the aspiration is to be most consistently hit the tone of the lightest and most entertaining episodes of The Sopranos. Baldwin, who has mulled a possible move into real politics, will play a larger-than-life divorced entrepreneur whose burst into the political spotlight is made interesting by his appetite for women and a dark past.

As if you needed another reason to be excited about HBO's new standalone streaming service