'The Bear' Fan Runs Into Ayo Edebiri and Lionel Boyce in Copenhagen After Watching Episode and Being Inspired to Go

The Copenhagen, Denmark episode was directed by Ramy Youssef—the only person to serve as a director besides the showrunners.

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A fan was so inspired by the Copenhagen episode of Hulu’s The Bear that they decided to take a trip to Denmark's capital.

In the episode, Marcus (Lionel Boyce) travels to Copenhagen to study under a pastry chef (played by Will Poulter) and bring some new skills back to Chicago. As the fan, user @mogaj wrote on Instagram, the episode, “was one of the most beautiful and calming episodes in an otherwise anxiety inducing series.”

He continued, “I loved the concept of Marcus escaping the noise to learn new skills and gain perspective in a city that is famous for having the happiest people. I tried to replicate that trip with the same intention. I disconnected from everything and explored as much as I could just as Marcus did in the show.”

Then, @mogaj shared that he then “serendipitously” ran into two actors from The Bear: Boyce and Ayo Edebiri, who plays Sydney. @Mogaj called the moment “full circle.”

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The Copenhagen episode, titled “Honeydew,” is the fourth episode in Season 2, and was directed by Ramy Youssef. According to Variety, it’s the only episode in the series directed by someone who isn’t the series creator Chris Storer or his co-showrunner Joanna Calo. Youssef—creator and executive producer of the Hulu series Ramy—went into the episode blind. Storer didn’t permit him to watch the three previous episodes before traveling to Copenhagen to shoot the episode.

“He didn’t let me watch anything they had shot [in the first three episodes]. He was like, ‘No, no. You can see it when you come back, but just make this what you think it should be,'” Youssef told the outlet.

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