George Lopez Curses Out Audience Member Upset at Racially Insensitive Joke

George Lopez threw a woman out of a show for daring to object to a "joke" about black people.

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Comedian George Lopez was performing on Saturday night in Phoenix, when he launched into a racially-charged joke that upset a member of the audience. "There’s still two rules in the fucking Latino family," Lopez said. "Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house."

Unsurprisingly, one audience member sitting near the stage didn't take too kindly to the funnyman's attempt at humor. She flipped him the middle finger, causing Lopez to go absolutely nuts. 

The show ground to a halt while he cursed her out repeatedly, before calling security to have her and her party escorted out. You can see the whole incident in the video above, courtesy of TMZ. 

As of Tuesday, Lopez remained unapologetic, despite widespread criticism. "You have two choices," he wrote on Twitter, referring to the incident, "have a good day or get the fuck out."

You have 2 choices , have a good day or get the fuck out #gacho

— George Lopez (@georgelopez) February 7, 2017

People had a variety of reactions to Lopez' tantrum. Some were less upset over the joke than the berating of the woman in the audience that followed. 

If that George Lopez 'marry a black person' joke just now exposed u to the colorism in Latino generations prior, u been living in a bubble 😭

— Bry D. Jeager 🏴‍☠️ (@brybryNYC) February 8, 2017

Others were angry about both aspects, Lopez' joke and his tantrum.

Still more people pointed out that colorism amongst Latinos has a very long history, of which Lopez' joke is just the latest iteration.

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