Netflix Reportedly Venturing Into Weekly TV News

The streaming giant is looking to venture into the one genre they haven't touched yet.


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These days, with Netflix reporting annual budgets in the billions, and more and more people opting for a monthly subscription rather than a traditional cable package, it isn't surprising that the streaming giant would be looking to make its foray into more nonfiction genres. According to an anonymous TV exec who's recently collaborated with Netflix, the streaming site is looking to carve out their own slice of weekly news broadcast programming.

"Netflix have spotted a hole in the market for a current affairs TV show encompassing both sides of the political divide and are seeking to fill it," the source revealed to Market Watch.

It makes perfect sense that the platform, which currently has around 118 million subscribers, is seeking to expand their content-output to include programming that covers current events. With many people now opting to get their news from new media sources, it would only serve to benefit a company that is already driving people away from standard cable television packages. 

However, the source also revealed that Netflix is definitely aware of the potential risk they are taking by venturing into news. They know that current news sources are turning viewers off by presenting biased, one-sided broadcasts, but they are hoping to change that.

"Netflix are proceeding with caution over this because they’re well aware that most new current affairs shows underwhelm and are expensive. They want to make their show economically viable without compromising the production costs and news-gathering operation," the source said.

But Netflix has seemingly been inching in this direction for a while now, with more late-night style talk shows being approved, and even talks of a show featuring the Obamas sparking rumors.

It's certainly not a stretch to say that in the next few years subscribers could be queuing up their favorite sitcoms and settling in to watch the nightly news all on the same platform. Even former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather believes that Netflix could pull it off.

He stated, "It wouldn’t surprise me if it came to that. But I say this to you with a smile—if they get interested in doing one, I’m available.”

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