Dude Who Stole Frances McDormand's Oscar Arrested After Flaunting It in a Facebook Video

This guy's Facebook flex landed him in jail—and still Oscar-less.

frances mcdormand

Image via Getty/Angela Weiss

frances mcdormand

The unfortunate soul that decided it would be a good idea to borrow (read: steal) Frances McDormand's Best Actress Oscar now finds himself in some serious trouble. The alleged perpetrator, Terry Bryant, was attending the Governors Ball after-party when he decided to record himself posing with McDormand's award. Turns out it was a bad move on his part, as he's been arrested by LAPD and is now facing felony grand theft charges with a $20,000 bail, according to Deadline.

In an attempted Facebook flex, Bryant went live on the social media platform to flash his hard-earned Oscar. Unfortunately, he ended up playing himself by providing video evidence of his own crime. Dressed up and mingling with other after-party attendees, he uploaded the video with the caption, "My Oscar baby."



The 47-year old posed with the statuette, passing McDormand's Oscar off as his own. Adding insult to injury, Bryant continued to tout the award in front of the camera, saying "This is mineMy team got this tonight." At one point he even shouted out, "Who wants to tell me congratulations?" Clueless onlookers who didn't know better cheered and congratulated him. It's unclear how he got a hold of the award in the first place, but it has since been retrieved and returned to McDormand, according to one of her reps. McDormand won the Oscar for her performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Bryant's situation is one giant facepalm, but it also serves as a good warning for those thirsty for fame. So next time you find yourself at an Oscars after-party near an unattended award, don't be like this guy.

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