Tracy Morgan Explains How He Found Out He’s Related to Nas

The comedian says he learned that the legendary rapper is his third cousin.

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Tracy Morgan has revealed how he and Nas are related to each other. 

During his visit to Connect The Dots, Morgan shed some light on his familial relationship with the Queensbridge rap legend. According to the comedian, the rapper is his third cousin. 

“Me and Nas is third cousins on my mother’s side,” Morgan said. “Me and Esco always been tight before that. I did a show years ago on Comedy Central, a special called One Mic. That was for Nas’ mom who had just passed away. I named my special One Mic.” 

He continued, “So me and Esco always been tight but then when I found out on the Westside Highway, after I did the show, I called him up and I said “Yo Esco,” he said ‘what up Trey?’ I said, ‘Guess what?.’ He said, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I just did Find My Roots, me and you related.’ He started crying, I started crying and I said to him, ‘If you ever need me, I’m there cuz.’ He said, ‘Cuz, if you ever need me I’m there.’”

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While he’s giving some insight on his family, Morgan has also revealed some interesting facts about his love life. During an appearance on Today with Hoda & Jenna, the 54-year-old comedian and actor joked he’s taking Ozempic to lose weight

“I get up at 7 every morning, and I'm in the gym at 10, and then I go back to sleep," he said, to which the hosts suggested that he's been working on his body and health.

"No, that's Ozempic," Morgan replied. "That's how this weight got lost. ... I went and got a prescription and I got Ozempic. And I ain't letting it go!"

He added, “I take Ozempic every Thursday. It cuts my appetite in half. Now I only eat half a bag of Doritos."

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