Meek Mill Reacts to Comedian Andrew Schultz Saying 'He's Incredibly Bad at Proving He’s Straight’

The Philly native found the joke funny but advised not to "play" with him in real life.

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Meek Mill has shown he can laugh at the rumors about his sexuality when he did so after Andrew Schulz made a joke about it.

On Monday, the comedian shared a clip from a recent performance addressing the rumors surrounding Meek. The Philly native has been working hard at shutting down the rumors about his sexuality ever since producer Lil Rod sued Diddy for sexual assault earlier this month.

Although Meek wasn't mentioned by name in the lawsuit, a footnote in the filing claimed one of Diddy's sexual companions as "a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj." Fans believed Meek was the culprit, and he's been trying to prove that he doesn't have sex with men with various tweets. 

Schulz took Meek's defensive tweets as ammo in his comedy set and explained that he doesn't think Meek is homosexual but believes he's "terrible" at proving he's heterosexual.

"If someone accuses you of being gay, you don't get on Twitter and go, 'I love pussy so much it's so juicy and wet, it's my favorite thing to put my dick in. I just put my dick in it and it squeezes my dick and it's so juicy and it's so wet'," Schulz said.

He continued, "He was like, 'I even had sex with a girl on her period. That's how you know I love women.' He tweeted that, and I was like, 'Oh, he thinks that's disgusting. And you know who else thinks that's disgusting? The gays.'"

Meek Mill is not gay… BUT… 😳😁

Philly I love you. Thank you for always holding me down… just like Meek would hold down Puf… JOKING. JOKING. Meek I love you brother! #TheLifeTour

— Andrew Schulz 👑HEZI (@andrewschulz) March 4, 2024
Twitter: @andrewschulz

Meek Mill reacts to comedian Andrew Schulz telling a joke about the rapper being gay at comedy show in Philadelphia.

— XXL Magazine (@XXL) March 5, 2024
Twitter: @XXL

To close the joke, Schulz added, "Shoutout to Meek, bro. He's done amazing things for prison reform like getting all them gay dudes out so he can suck their dicks probably. Bunch of fine-ass motherfuckers in jail. We need them on the streets so I can bust them cheeks. Hop on the back of this dirt bike or the front."

Meek caught wind of the joke and shared a since-deleted tweet where he reacted positively to Schulz's take on the rumors by writing, "[crying face emojis] the first time I laughed at being gay. But dont wit me in real life I May swing lol."

In one of his first responses to the rumors about his sexuality, Meek called out "they" who he believes are the ones truly fueling the fake narratives about his personal life. "They are powering this stuff even if it's fake!" he wrote. "The goal is to disrupt the hip hop community....I own this music that drop tomar play it!!!!!," he wrote. 

Meek also mentioned that he will take charge and "expose who's behind trying to kill the Black image of the most influential artist." He also accused "every Black blog site" of pushing the narrative and making him "seem gay."

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