Marques Houston Explains Why He Left 'Sister, Sister' After 4 Seasons

The 42-year-old didn't want people to only see him as the Roger character he played on the show.

Marques Houston, wearing a dark turtleneck and a velvet blazer, at a BET event
(Photo by Leon Bennett / Getty Images for BET)
Marques Houston, wearing a dark turtleneck and a velvet blazer, at a BET event

Marques Houston has explained why he left the hit 90s TV show Sister, Sister after four seasons.

During his appearance on the R&B Money Podcast, Houston revealed he didn't want fans to start comparing him to his character Roger, who was Tia and Tamera's next-door neighbor who always tried to hit on them.

According to Houston, he didn't want to be treated the same way that fellow actor Jaleel White was when he became more known for his iconic character Steve Urkel in Family Matters. At the time, Houston was also a member of the R&B boy band Immature, and his role as Roger hurt the group's dynamic.  

"I did four seasons and then I left the show. I just felt like I didn't wanna be old and be Roger," Houston siad. "Like, I didn't wanna be Jaleel White was where I was two different people on the road. I'm sexy. I'm taking my shirt off. I'm doing all, you know, on stage, and then here I'm goofy. I'm being professional, and I'm going to school, and it's like two different characters. I'm like, this dude, he's ruining Immature."

He continued, "Roger was overtaking Immature. Once I started going out and everybody starts saying 'Go home Roger!,' like I don't want that, I don't want that. We start getting a little bit older as Immature and it started to become like, I'm like, I don't want to be seen as Roger because now I'm this nerd and like I said, everything was about mystique back then. So it was like, now I'm over-exposing myself as an entertainer, and then it's not working for the group."

Marques Houston explains why he left the show "Sister, Sister" after 4 seasons and says he didn't want to be old and be Roger, like Jaleel White was when he played Steve Urkel on "Family Matters."

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Houston added that his role as Roger hurt the group a little, and it bothered him as music was his first love. He was also turning into a "ladies' man," but Roger was anything but. Houston added that he would have stayed on the show longer if the character was more mature and more than just the annoying next-door neighbor.

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