DeRay Davis Wants a Stand-Up Comedy Battle Following Katt Williams Interview: 'Take It to the Stage, All of 'Em'

According to Davis, beef within comedy "ain't going to the streets," so it's only right they bring it to the fans.

Getty Images: Johnny Louis, Jason Davis

DeRay Davis wants a bunch of comedians to participate in an all-out joke battle following the backlash from Katt Williams' explosive interview on Club Shay Shay.

In a conversation with TMZ Hip-Hop, the comedian reflected on the comments his peer made about guys such as Steve HarveyKevin Hart, and more in the interview that's been viewed over 38 million times on YouTube. According to Davis, all the comedians should just get together and have a battle to determine who's the best. 

"Comedy's different. I love it because the beef ain't going to the streets, it ain't leaking over. ... I think it's light sparring," Davis explained. "I think they should take it to the stage, all of 'em. I'm willing to participate. I love it."

He added, "We can all do five minutes back-to-back, brand new freestyle. We come up with rules like boxing. No preaching. … Let's go to specifics, let's go to jokes, let's go to bits, let's get to writing—let's see. I love it; I love the energy of it."

Davis also stated that Williams' Club Shay Shay interview was something "the comedy world needed" and that "it's not just jokes; it's jokes and smokes."

DeRay even gave his thoughts on Williams alleging that Cedric the Entertainer stole jokes. "I saw the premise, but I didn't see the similarities," he said. "I'm not tryna catch [smoke] with Katt either, the man with nine lives."

Williams' appearance on Shannon Sharpe's podcast has been a major boost for the platform. Sharpe addressed the boost and all the people criticizing him during an episode of his Nightcap show with Chad OchoCinco.

"I'm doing what I'm doing, obviously, 27 million people thought enough like, 'Oh, he's sitting down with Katt.' Word of mouth, maybe they saw a snippet or something, 'Maybe I need to sit down and watch this.' It's two hours, 46 minutes, and five seconds. When was the last time somebody sat down for a non-sporting event, two hours, 46 minutes, and five seconds, and watched and listened?"

Sharpe continued, "That's a [Dallas] Cowboy game, that 27 million people. There's some sporting events that don't get watched by 27 million. That's what you're mad about. You not mad about I didn't cut this man off. You're not mad about that. 'Oh, those are your boys and you let him talk about your boys,' that's not what you're mad about. 'Oh, you're not even a journalist, he could have got so much more meat off the bone.' You're not mad about that."

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