Birdman and His Crew Confront Druski and Take His Chain in Surveillance Video

People are trying to figure out if the incident was a skit given how clear the footage was.

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Birdman finally took matters into his own hands and ran up on Druski in Los Angeles on Friday while also taking his chain, according to TMZ

The outlet released the footage showing the Cash Money Records boss and his crew approaching Druski and his friends inside a recording studio where he was filming his new reality show, Coulda Been House. In the black-and-white surveillance footage, Birdman is seen arguing with Druski in a stairwell, telling him he'll take his chain off his neck. 

The comedian then tried to diffuse the situation and had his chain snatched from one of the people standing alongside Birdman. Druski and his team managed to get away by hastily running down the stairs and out of the studio. 

Birdman added more salt to Druski's wounds by going to his Instagram Story and showing off the chain that was snatched from his neck. "Surprise Party B*tch Slippin In Studio Richgang," Birdman wrote. 

Birdman pressed Druski last night in Los

— Complex Music (@ComplexMusic) November 11, 2023
Twitter: @ComplexMusic

People on social media were quick to say the video could be a skit, given how clear the visual and audio were in the surveillance footage. However, the beef between Birdman and Druski has been teetering on the web line between fact and fiction since last July. 

It’s the clearest security footage I’ve ever seen so I’ll just say it’s a skit lol

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) November 11, 2023
Twitter: @Phil_Lewis_

Druski's Coulda Been Records skits have been a hit with the comedian's hilarious take on shady record labels. The branding for Coulda Been Records is similar to Cash Money Records, and Birdman took offense and joined one of Druski's livestream sessions in July

"I've been looking for you, n***a," Birdman said on Instagram Live. "I heard you was in my neck of the woods. I ain't think it would've been gangsta if I pulled up on you… but you won't come outside or inside, n***a."

He continued, "It's like you starting to step on my toes...You young n***as really got the game fucked up. I am that n***a, n***a! I've been watching this sh*t you doing. What the fuck is this record label you starting?"

Last month, Druski released a skit with a caption that said the Coulda Been Records and Cash Money Records beef "continues," which led Birdman to call out the comedian.

"Bro you still playin with a real gangsta SMH," Birdman wrote. Drake also chimed in on the situation, writing, "Stunna bout to have you come up missing on Gladys."

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