'Wet Hot American Summer' Star Says Whole Cast Will Come Back For 'Ten Years Later'

It's looking like the whole squad's returning for 'Ten Years Later.'

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While we already are stoked about the Netflix sequel series Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Laterit has been a little hard to believe that a cast containing such stars as Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Christopher Meloni would all be ready and willing to come back for a third time at Camp Firewood.

Luckily, star Michael Ian Black, who was a Stella partner with Wet Hot writers David Wain and Michael Showalter, assures us that nearly the entire cast has signed on to reprise their roles. In an interview with Business Insider about the project, Black says, "I've sort of known about it for several months. I haven't talked to [creators] David Wain and Michael Showalter too much about it in terms of what they're thinking about storylines. But as far as I know, everybody is doing it. I don't think they'd want to do it if the vast majority of the original cast weren't on board. As far as I know everyone is doing it."

It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering what they pulled off with First Day of Camp, such as Cooper using one day of shooting to give them as much face time as he's given an entire season of his CBS show Limitless. While Black is speaking for himself, he does give a good reason for why they'd all come back, saying, "My philosophy is, if it’s a fun thing to do, I want to do it. And this has always been a fun thing to do, so I always want to do it."

It is still unclear if Showalter and Wain are bringing back some of the First Day of Camp additions like Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Jordan Peele, and Chris Pine as well, but we do know that Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later should arrive in our Netflix queues some time around summer 2017.

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