D.L. Hughley Responds to Million-Dollar Boxing Match Challenge From Pastor Who Was Robbed During Service

D.L. Hughley has responded to pasdtor Bishop Whitehead after he called the comedian a "punk" and challenged him to a million-dollar boxing match.

D.L. Hughley performs at The Stress Factory Comedy Club on January 21, 2022

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D.L. Hughley performs at The Stress Factory Comedy Club on January 21, 2022

D.L. Hughley has issued a response to Bishop Lamor Whitehead after the pastor , who was recently robbed at gunpoint during his own church service, challenged the comedian to a million-dollar boxing match.

Whitehead issued the challenge shortly after wrapping up a tense interview with the comic, and said in a video posted to his Instagram that “D.L. Little Man Hughley” needed to respond to him ASAP.

“We need D.L. Little Man Hughely we need to hear what he got’s to say since he needs ratings right?” Bishop Whitehead says in the video. “At the end of the day he needs ratings y’all, so D.L. Little Man Hughley I challenge you in the boxing ring. Right? Tough guy? I don’t wanna hear you don’t box because your mouth is big let’s get in the ring. I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m gonna knock you out in the name of Jesus I promise you. I’m gonna knock you out...let’s set it up. I’ll put up a million. Me and my team will put up a million dollars right now.”

Hughley caught wind of the pastor’s challenge and responded in the comments section of The Shade Room’s Instagram acount.

“Dis [ninja emoji] spitting!! Nahhh for real, like HE SPITTIN’ ALL OVER THE SCREEN,” Hughley wrote. “Ol’ Sufferin Succotash headahh...What ‘Pastor’ you know can ‘PUT UP A MILLION DOLLARS RIGHT NOW??’ Reading from the book of Scamalations #bewareoffalseprophets.”

“DL Your a PUNK!” Whitehead wrote back. “You picked The Wrong Pastor To Try And Walk Over! DL Let’s Work It Out In The Ring! All I Need Is One Round!”

While it’s unclear if either party will actually step into the ring, Ray J wrote in the TSR comments that he would financially back this venture.

“My investors are ready to put his fight on -3 million to DL and 350k for pastor – run it – is that a fair deal ??” Ray J wrote.

The swanky Brooklyn bishop, who is known for donning expensive jewelry and lavish clothing while delivering his sermons, was previously accused of stealing $90,000 from a 56-year-old congregant named Pauline Anderson in a lawsuit filed in 2021, per the New York Post. The pastor adamantly denied Anderson’s claims, who wrote in the suit that Whitehead had convinced her to liquidate her life savings as part of an “investment,” and told her that he would renovate a home for her.

According to Anderson, that investment never transpired and Whitehead instead spent the money on a $4.4. million dollar home of his own in New Jersey. When asked where her own promised home was, Whitehead reportedly told Anderson he was busy with an election campaign.

The lawsuit was obtained by the Post after a viral video showed a group of armed assailants descending on Bishop Whitehead’s church and robbing him at gunpoint. Per the New York Times, police said the attackers made off with approximately $1,000,000 worth of jewelry.

“I said, ‘Alright, alright, alright,’ pretty much stating that I’m not going to do anything because I know you’re coming for me. You’re coming straight to me. I don’t want my parishioners hurt. I’ve got women and children there,” Whitehead told CBS News after the robbery. “As I got down, one went to my wife and took all her jewelry and had the gun in front of my 8-month-old baby’s face.” 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams said an investigation was being conducted by the NYPD. “No one in this city should be the victim of armed robbery, let alone our faith leaders and congregants worshiping in a House of God,” said Adams in a statement. “The NYPD is investigating this crime and will work tirelessly to bring the criminals involved to justice.”

50 Cent also shook his head at the recent robbery, writing on Instagram, “Mean while back in New York, they robbing the church while it’s in service. WTF.”

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