Pinkydoll Teases Private Conversations With Elon Musk: "That's My Baby Boo"

She refused to get into details about it, however.

Christopher Polk / Penske Media via Getty Images

Pinkydoll recently appeared on popular Quebec talk show Tout le monde en parle and teased possible private conversations she's had with Elon Musk.

When the host Guy Lepage brought up some of her more famous fans like Timbaland and Ludacris, he also mentioned Musk.

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"That's my baby boo," Pinkydoll said in English.

She then pivots back to French and says, "Elon Musk is watching me right now."

Lepage followed up by asking her about her relationship with him and if he had written to her.

"Elon Musk?" she asks. "Elon Musk adores me."

Lepage wasn't satisfied with the vagueness of her answer and asked her if Musk "adored her from far" or if he'd contacted her.

"Those are private conversations," Pinkydoll said. "I can't talk more about this."

A few months ago, Pinkydoll had asked Elon Musk via a TikTok video for her voice to be featured in Tesla vehicles.

Not long after that, she asked Drake to call her after finding out he likes women who cosplay. She hasn't followed up on that since, however.

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