Twitter Reacts to 'Succession's' Connor Roy's Sad Karaoke of Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat"

In last night’s episode of 'Succession', Connor Roy sang a depressing karaoke version of Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat." The internet responded.

leonard cohen performing live

leonard cohen performing live

leonard cohen performing live

What would an episode of Succession look like if at least one of the Roys isn’t brooding for the majority of it?

In last night’s episode, Connor Roy, lamenting over his imminent wedding that may or may not happen, wanted to sing his emotions out at a karaoke bar. 

Though Connor initially wanted to sing “Desperado” by The Eagles, he then settled on “Famous Blue Raincoat” from Montreal legend Leonard Cohen. “Guantanamo-level shit,” according to Roman Roy.

Naturally, the depressing affair led to some hilarious reactions on Twitter.

One user said he had never related to a Succession character more than Connor during last night’s episode.

I’ve never related more to a Succession character than Connor going to a K-town karaoke joint to sing Leonard Cohen by himself.

Another user said she felt vindicated after she had sung Leonard Cohen at karaoke in the past.

my friends made fun of me when i wanted to do leonard cohen karaoke but now i feel vindicated by the utterly depressing tv character doing it!! thank you connor for the representation #Succession

One account even took it upon themselves to guess which song each character would sing at karaoke.

Succession characters as Leonard Cohen songs Logan- The Future Kendall- Everybody Knows Roman- I’m Your Man Shiv- Waiting for the Miracle Tom- Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye Cousin Greg- Jazz Police

Several tweets said this weekend was a big one for Cohen, as indie rock group Boygenius named a song after the singer on their latest album The Record.

somehow leonard cohen boygenius was promo for connor singing leonard cohen karaoke on succession tonight

between succession and whatever boygenius is supposed to be I’m glad Leonard Cohen is having a moment

Of all the reactions, the funniest one might have even been on the show when his brother Roman refers to the karaoke session as “Guantanamo-level shit.”

At the karaoke bar, while Connor was singing "Famous Blue Raincoat" by Leonard Cohen, Roman goes: "This is Guantanamo level shit." 🤣🤣🤣 #Succession


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