In a new interview with the Toronto Star to promote the Canadian launch of her Rhode skincare line, Hailey Bieber shared her go-to Tim Hortons order.

“My go-to Tim Hortons order is a French vanilla,” Bieber told the Star. “Looove a French vanilla — and a double chocolate doughnut and then sometimes a hash brown because their hash browns are so good.”

Tim Hortons is no stranger to the Biebers. In 2022, Justin Bieber partnered with the coffee shop chain to release the themed bite-sized Timbits called the Timbiebs.

“I’ll attach myself to that just slightly, because, you know we share a last name!” Hailey Bieber exclaimed.

Despite having grown up in the United States, Bieber has fully embraced her new Canadian side. When asked about her favourite hockey team, she unsurprisingly said the Toronto Maple Leafs. Sportsnet caught her and husband Justin at the Leafs game last night.

“I could never say that it was something else because that would just be blasphemous for my in-laws and my husband, so we’re going to go with the Maple Leafs,” Bieber said. “Although, before I was married, I would have said it was the New York Rangers.”