MTV Forces White People to Face Their Whiteness in New Documentary 'White People'

Warning: Lots of white people crying.

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Guys, it's time to clear the air. There are some rumors going around in the comments sections of Complex dot com that I am literally out to get all white people (see: here, here, here, and here). But I promise that's not true! I have white friends, I promise! There is a white dude coworker sitting in front of me as I write this, and I'm very fond of him! 

If you're white and have ever felt uncomfortable or offended whenever I have called out the American entertainment industry's long history of racism, then 1) wow I feel very sorry for you and 2) get ready to squirm in your seats. On July 22, MTV is premiering a documentary called White People(lol I know) in which white people are forced to think about how white they are. Check out the trailer below (warning: lots of white people tears lie ahead). 

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I can't tell if this is actually supposed to be funny or serious but it's kinda hard not to laugh when a white dude exclaims, "You say the wrong thing and suddenly you are racist!" before the words "WHITE FRUSTRATION" flash on the screen. But in all seriousness, I think it's important for white people to have racial discussions, and then maybe they'll understand that WHEN I START DISCUSSING THESE THINGS, I'm not just out here white-bashing. 

The doc actually feels less like a joke when you realize that it's made by Pulitzer-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas (who was awarded for his reporting on the Virginia Tech shootings). Still, it's always a good time poking fun at white people. (And hell ya, I'm going to watch White People—do you even have to ask?)

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