Of Hollywood's many issues—sexism, ageism, etc., the list goes on and on—racism has always been a biggie. Sometimes so much so that they nonsensically give POC roles to white people (COUGH ALOHA COUGH). Racism in this industry ain't no news but a brilliant new Tumblr/video series called EVERY SINGLE WORD SPOKEN BY A PERSON OF COLOR makes it blindingly obvious just how blindingly white some of these Hollywood films actually are. The task is simple: The site takes a whiteass movie (Her, American Hustle, Frances Ha, to name a few) and compiles every single word spoken by a person of color in one video. The result? Not more than a few seconds long—which, I must admit, is even shorter than expected. 

Sometimes—sadly and hilariously—there is zero dialogue, like in the case of Noah:

The blog was created by NYC-based writer and performer Dylan Marron (perhaps best known for the podcast Welcome To Night Vale), and he tells Slate that the Tumblr was inspired by personal experience, trying to become an actor as a POC. He said that he would "never play the romantic male lead." 

Hopefully casting directors will start to seriously reconsider their choices (one can dream), and I suppose we will wait for more videos to drop on this blog (as I'm sure, unfortunately, there are many). Check out some of the videos below, or watch all of them here