Exclusive: How Steven Caple Jr. is Moving 'Creed II' Into A New Direction

Meet Steven Caple Jr., the man who's taken on the daunting task of replacing Ryan Coogler as director of the upcoming film 'Creed II.'

When word of a sequel to 2015's Creed hit, the obvious first question was "is Ryan Coogler directing?" It made sense; he's been cooking up amazing material with actor Michael B. Jordan, and many wondered if Creed being in someone else's hands might alter the vision. Based on the trailers we've seen for Creed II, which hits theaters on November 21, it looks like the vision from the first has remained intact, and that's thanks to Coogler's hand-picked choice for to direct this sequel, Steven Caple Jr. 

Caple Jr. was named by The Playlist as one of 2016's best breakthrough directors, primarily for his film The Land (which premiered at Sundance), but he was still a relative unknown to many. In the above featurette, we get to not only see how he is on set, but hear from the stars of Creed II about what Caple Jr. brings to this project.

In regards to the film, Caple Jr. speaks on how relatable the "underdog story" is for people, saying that "it was easy to want to be a part of something that was human."

Jordan says he was excited to "build something" with Caple Jr., with Rocky legend Sylvester Stallone saying that Caple Jr. just "understood" the film, and that he "wanted to go the distance" with the project. Tessa Thompson and Dolph Lundgren also weigh in on how Caple Jr.'s really dived headfirst into the film.

You can watch the full featurette up above, and be sure to look out for Creed II this Thanksgiving.

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